Investment-Grade research & analytics

Systems-Level Research by Product and Industry

Full System Redesign and Multi-Platform Review

Competitive Landscape and Strategic Planning

Consumer Modeling and Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral sciences &
Experience design

User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI)

Brand Architecture, Naming, and Identity Systems

Messaging Architecture and Marketing Programs

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language (NLUI)

Architectural integrity & Technical delivery 

Technology Selection Frameworks

Interactive Application Development

Seamless Device/Hardware Integration

Data Architecture, Integration, and Analysis



Case Study


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Jim Jacoby & Scott miller

Having successfully established The ADMCi Foundation in parallel with completing one of its most notable multi-year commissions,The Bienville Legacy, Jim Jacoby and Scott Miller now focus on delivering world class services founded in the principles of master-craftsmanship.

The Studio for Digital Craftsmanship (S4DC) is the culmination of years of hands-on research and applied focus. It reclaims an ethos once thought only to apply to the industrial arts. Here, best-in-class craftsman are empowered with the trust, tools, resources, and experience to develop the right products and deliver meaningful services. This means an uncompromising commitment to excellence, unwavering adherence to human ethics—especially in digital design—and a constant focus on improving the human condition for clients and colleagues.

Within The Studio, Jim and Scott provide direction for new engagements, structure innovative business models with clients, and regularly coach the executives charged with delivering them.


Choice is a risk

Acknowledge the Choices You Make

The best work is an accumulation of choices made over time. The more courage exhibited in that process, the more profound the outcome will be. We help our clients become aware of the choices available to them as we envision a new future, bringing it to life through the products and services we design together. Our highest purpose is encouraging appropriate risks to achieve the greatest outcome.



Acknowledge the risks at hand

Taking a leap involves fear, whether in a personal or business context. Addressing the fact that it exists and managing it appropriately puts you in control of how much meaning you inject into your life, your company, your products, and your people. We help cultivate and support an environment of appropriate risk taking for meaningful outcomes. 



Acknowledge your role

You're not just making a product or service. You're impacting people. Developing truly meaningful work is transformative for you and everyone involved. When creating something with purpose, your role is to understand your purpose and to stay with the process as a matter of course. The result, even if sometimes unintended, will be remarkable. Our role is to elevate the meaning in your work.


What you make
makes You

Acknowledge Your Craft

The impact you have on your audience is only outpaced by the impact you have on yourself and your organization. If the work you do is transcendent, your growth will be too. We strive to work with those who not only want to make great things, but who work to become their best selves.