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Achieving exponential scale

Through Infinite Reach  

One of the world’s most accomplished Invisalign providers sought a new model that would allow him to train thousands of dentists on the practices he’d refined over two decades. He needed to provide an extremely high quality product that would outperform any other. It needed to be affordable, measurable, and engaging.


Our Solution

Leapfrog Traditional Offerings

One of the world’s biggest Invisalign providers sought a new model that would allow him to train thousands of dentists on the practices he’d refined over two decades. He needed to provide an extremely high quality product that would outperform any other. It needed to be affordable, measurable, and engaging.

Align Technology had already taken steps to help providers increase case loads, deliver more efficiency, and operate more profitability. Distance-based training, phone support, conferences, and incentives were provided to dentists but were not moving the needle. The annual average Invisalign case load hovered below five pergeneral practitioner dentists.

Our client produced nearly 1,000 cases on his own each year, but was reaching his peak production. The question became how to get more general practitioners performing at his level while protecting our client’s first-to-market position.

S4DC completed four key tasks to address the issues uncovered in our market research.


1. Business Strategy

S4DC partnered with Molis Coaching on all strategic business planning. This included financial modeling, market valuation, pricing strategies, platform evaluation, HIPPA compliance, affiliate negotiations, and rollout plans.

To find best-fit markets for Molis Coaching, we conducted a series of user interviews with dentists and Invisalign sales representatives of varying levels.



A comprehensive set of dentists and representatives were presented with beta prototypes and asked to respond to varying price models, content structures, etc.



A wide range of custom and off-the-shelf options were considered before designing a bullet-proof technical structure that was affordable and scalable.


2. Branding & Marketing

Based on our audience definition, we assisted Molis Coaching in creating a brand identity to complement Align Technology’s brand standards while going head and shoulders above current membership/ learning platform providers. S4DC created branded marketing materials, promotional flyers, business cards, and more to help partners spread the word. Once these marketing materials were released, we tracked their performance to inform future efforts.



Brand guidelines required that templates and other standards provided by platform providers be enhanced considerably to position a best-in-class brand.



In addition to the broadcast-quality video production for launch materials, we established standards that could be re-used all the way down to individual lessons.


3. Course Development

Working with Dr. Ryan Molis, S4DC developed a comprehensive online Invisalign training course from instructional design through execution of 80+ video lessons, a full textbook, downloadable assets, and social communities. We consulted on video and audio recording methods and equipment ,and oversaw all course video content production from original capture through editing and production.



Instructional design provides content in three tracks that progress in complexity but can be learned simultaneously. Offerings are metered out monthly over a twelve month duration.



Communities are organized by learning goals and facilitated in coordination with where participants are in their journey with us.


4. Support & Management

S4DC serves as the Molis Coaching business development and customer management team. We have continued refining and supplementing the course with additional videos, affiliate offers, and visual assets and coordinated social interactions. S4DC is the primary interface between B2B sales representatives and has developed collateral to help push Molis Coaching out through this highly structured network.



Each release is supported by custom landing pages, a unique campaign management process, and ongoing engagement support to elevate close rates.



Course materials are constantly updating/expanding. We have created a process that will sustain the business indefinitely.


The Outcome

Industry-Leading Plug-and-Play Education

S4DC produced an industry-leading Invisalign education course in a scalable cloud infrastructure and across four unique service offerings. The course has over 200 pages of technical textbook material, 8+ hours of video across 80+ videos, and over 300 hours of educational seat time.
We helped bring Molis Coaching to market in partnership with Align Technology, distributing the product to over 50,000 general dentists through 450 regional sales representatives. Using this model, we also provided a baseline that can be expanded to similar market offerings such as Smile Direct Club.

In total, we set in motion a business model with a first-year target of $4 million and created a scalable administrative solution to help Molis Coaching manage anywhere from 20 - 20,000 doctor-members. The systems and scalability provided will keep Molis Coaching resilient to any changes with Invisalign technology in the future and relevant to doctors indefinitely.