Living with no What-Ifs:
A metaphor Made Real


It Starts with a Foundation

ADMCi and the Pursuit of Craftsmanship

Building the most powerful, luxury motorcycle in history means taking on audacious challenges. For us, it was as much about the metaphor as it was about the journey. It was a moonshot, it was a human exploration, it was a story of unparalleled accomplishment.

As with any moonshot, we took on considerable risks, both personally and financially. When we achieved our 'landing' in completing the bikes, we didn't just have extraordinary machines. We gained first application patents in steering and suspension as 'by-products' of the work.

As a human exploration, we studied the process of craftsmanship--our primary goal--uncovering the core truths that make us great and in turn make for great outcomes. With great risks come increased sense of purpose and the feeling of being truly alive. In many ways, a motorcycle gave birth to the world-class digital design studio you're visiting now.

As a story of accomplishment, we are able to touch lives in entirely new ways, sharing the journey of making choices in strength and courage, inspiring others to do the same. It's less about what you make and much more about how you go about making it--who you are in the process and what you are willing to become--living into your greatest capacity.