Full Digital Transformation


Breaking From the Past

At nearly 150-years-old  

Avon is one of the first companies to capitalize on a direct-selling model, classically known for ’Avon Ladies’ going door-to-door with product catalogs.

Today, as the direct-selling market continues to grow, Avon has more competition than ever—now with more advanced and more user-friendly digital systems than ever.


Our Solution

Consolidate and Rationalize

Before starting work on Avon’s digital properties, S4DC researched the company’s operations, internal processes, and technical capabilities. We performed stakeholder interviews, user interviews, and analyzed competitor offerings for best-in-class interactions and designs.

We found that challenges fell into three categories:

Disconnected Digital Ecosystems
Too many systems were maintained and supported without centralized function or plans for rationalization.
Outdated Field Representative Experience
Online offerings to the field made running their business too complex. An exodus of existing reps and a failure to recruit new ones combined for a dire outlook.
Inefficient Internal Process
A lack of centralized process for enterprise-level software design let to inconsistent offerings and circular problem solving.

User & Market Research

S4DC conducted progressive rounds of user interviews and testing sessions to establish high-priority goals. Interviews also clarified the user personas Avon sought to target. As new digital tools began to roll out, S4DC attended Avon Rep events to preview updates with current reps and gathered feedback.

Additionally, S4DC analyzed competitor experiences to establish design and functionality standards consistent with the field. These standards would be used throughout the design process to inform concepts and reviews, ensuring the final product adhered to the best visual direction.



S4DC team members attended the event, conducted interviews and testing, and ultimately operated as change ambassadors in the field.



S4DC conducted regional research and testing sessions across the country, trained core Avon team members to do the same, and helped aggregate feedback.


Unified Best-in-Class Libraries

S4DC created a universal style guide to direct the redesign of Avon’s digital tools. Using these patterns, we updated marketing properties, the public e-commerce property, and private representative tools. Our design updates not only brought the platforms in line with current standards, they also improved visual accessibility, strengthened multi-language performance, and addressed broad browser requirements.



In addition to establishing a baseline for all universal styles, this tool also provides ready access to resources for designers and coders to jumpstart future work.



Carried out extensive improvements in all code at all layers, rigorously testing every page for usability and transferring information necessary to carry responsive standards forward.


Streamlined Core Processes

The Avon ordering protocol, among a handful of additional core processes, was a major hindrance to progress on a number of systemic improvements. Prior to our involvement, ordering new products, reordering favorites, and managing downline orders was a time-intensive process. Referencing best-in-class subscription, ordering and payment processing standards, we reduced required clicks/steps on new customer flows by 50-75%.



Original checkout processes incorporated legacy system requirements, unnecessary validations, time consuming and system-intensive processing.



Re-thinking customer process flows without remaining beholden to legacy systems allowed us to completely redesign processes while leaving some mission-critical systems in place.


Consumer Behavior/CRM

Direct sellers often need help selling more effectively. Knowing which product to recommend, when to follow up, what products complement one another… or just reminding a customer to reorder are all crucial to improving sales and strengthening customer engagement.

We led the process of establishing a microtransaction strategy with an existing CRM and back-office management tool that could be accessed via an independent API. As a result, we were able to provide reps in the field with guidance including a concept Avon dubbed Power Moves.

Results included an average increase of cart size, significantly improved reorders, and a reduction in support calls to up-line reps and corporate.



CRM interfaces were originally organized by engineers, then customized for Avon. Our micro-transaction approach leveraged APIs to eliminate reliance on the software provider.



Knowing what to recommend to a customer is sometimes overwhelming, especially for a Rep just getting her bearings in a new direct marketing environment. We provided them.


Institutional Memory

Major design and development changes don’t always stick—especially when they come from a external consultancy. That’s why S4DC worked closely with Avon’s marketing, design, and development teams to ensure that all new design patterns and related styles were fully understood. S4DC provided Avon with comprehensive pattern libraries and visual style guides to make future digital product design simple and consistent.

S4DC invested time on-site at Avon’s headquarters to ensure a smooth and complete knowledge transfer. During these sessions, S4DC helped Avon solidify the enterprise-level software design process we’d created for the organization. Ultimately, our goal was to give Avon all the tools needed to produce work more efficiently on their own.



From thorough project plans to Jira team tracking all the way through orientation guides for new team members, we built processes that were consistent, efficient, and repeatable.



From strategy through code and all design methods in between, we created assets that any new Avon team member could follow at scale, amidst turn-over, and any other impact.


The Outcome

Full-Scale Turnaround

Over the course of our engagement with Avon, we successfully designed, developed, and executed the company’s first on-time product launch in 15 years. Our process ensured that we were able to complete our obligations accurately the first time, resulting in projects that delivered ahead of schedule and under budget—something no agency or consultancy in recent memory was able to accomplish.

In a corporate environment shaken by restructuring, falling revenues, and uncertain leadership, S4DC was able to produce a wide range of updated digital products which will help Avon increase sales and find their way back to financial stability.