Social Media SELLING


Increasing customer engagement With social media

Empowered Independent consultants

As one of the top nutrition and cosmetics companies in the world, Arbonne needed to improve the performance of each of their 300,000+ independent consultants with the power of social media. We coordinated the most elite members of Arbonne’s global team, working in quick-hit efforts to improve personal branding, unique content, and coordinated marketing strategies that increased individual leads and integrated intelligence with a new customer relationship management system... while cutting through noise inherent in social media.



Social Advertising Powered by targeted Insights

Personalized Research to improve media buys

We extracted social media data at the individual consultant level in order to determine the real effectiveness of each individuals’ social performance. Our custom tool allowed us to tailor social strategies for each individual and across teams with minimal input from sales teams and minimal interference in day-to-day activities. Using simple code, we calculated overall reach, engagement, and supporting audience data to repackage it into simple directives consultants could put to use immediately.



Creating truth in an online presence

the brand within

We queried over 1 million social interactions across Arbonne’s top 25 competitors. We then built weekly reporting for Arbonne’s elite sales team based on our analysis. The result: Arbonne gained actionable best practices for their unique market position that translated down to each individual sales consultant. Conversely, we were able to develop personalized branding statements with each sales consultants that complemented corporate direction. 




Exponential Direction and Focus

Empowering the Entire organization

Based on our research and analysis, we provided participants with a user-friendly toolkit, including videos, interactive guides, tutorials, and best practices on an organizational level, as well as individualized guidance, refined strategies, and tech support for each participant. This training and reference material allowed Arbonne’s independent consultants to confidently navigate the complex nuances of social media.