Customer relationship management (CRM)


increasing individual & corporate earnings

Customized lead generation software

Arbonne undertook the first Salesforce implementation in the direct selling market, integrating it with their backbone Prowess system along with a number of legacy systems. The primary objective for the first release was to increase independent consultant reorders and to help less experienced consultants sell more effectively. We created the user paths and user interfaces for a custom Salesforce implementation in the Lightning Component Framework that would allow the business to generate, track, and manage relationships. In support of these efforts, we connected various interfaces with valuable data sources including social media, business intelligence, warehousing, distribution, and order processing systems to create intelligent relationship management programs based in real-time analytics.



Identifying High-Value User Needs

Integrated research and Design

We established design direction based in extensive field research to reveal how the Arbonne independent consultants would use this software for highest return. Through user testing on interactive prototypes, we refined direction to ensure top performing interactions were developed first. Arbonne now operates with product plan and release schedule that remains ahead of market and anticipates user needs.

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Completing the Insights Loop

Proprietary Process: S4DC Prototyping

Our information gathering and prototyping processes leave no function unaccounted and no need unaddressed. Using tracking and recording software, we collected usage information through live sessions and recordings online, noting functionality that could be designed into the final application or saved for future release. The product management process we established continues to direct ongoing improvements.



Establishing Universal Standards

Corporate Style Guide and Application Standards

When we began working with Arbonne, the company wanted to improve corporate standards to reduce inconsistencies across legacy technologies. We created a single system implementation that ensures a consistent experience that increases the speed of use, elevates adoption of new features and functions, and reduces time-to-market. Now user experience journeys, user interface patterns, and usage requirement processes can be standardized across all customer-facing systems.


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